Brief Bios of Hearthstone Residents

Hearthstone is made up of people from all walks of life, each of whom brings something unique and valuable to the community experience. So who are we? A sampling of short bios for some of our residents follows.

Sheana, Paul, Adam and Kenna
Sheana and Paul met as Peace Corps Volunteers working in Paraguay in the late 1980s. There they developed a shared value for cooperative living in small communities. After spending way too many years in graduate education, they seized an opportunity to move to Denver, where Sheana works as a medical sociologist for the AMC Cancer Research Center and Paul works as a Speech and Language Pathologist at Children’s Hospital. Their greatest joys and commitments are to their children Adam, born in November 1998, and Kenna, born in August 2001, so, while they share a passion for the outdoors, and love to hike, ski (downhill and telemark) and bike, they are always on the lookout for family-oriented outdoor activities and look forward to sharing them with cohousing neighbors.

Kathryn has recently become an empty nester. She works in an inner city pediatric clinic as a physician’s assistant. Her avocation is Central American activism. She strives to keep active, gardening and biking to counteract all the calories from exquisite chocolate.

Harriet came to Hearthstone by way of Madison, WI, Missoula, Boulder, and Arvada. She has worked as a teacher, librarian, income tax preparer, and currently, a career counselor for welfare clients, employed by Jefferson County. Harriet likes to garden with native plants and reads everything. She has a daughter in Eugene who recently finished her master’s in folklore and two sisters who live in Manhattan. Harriet is extremely excited about cohousing and is counting the days.

Honey, Paul, Katherine, and Jessica
Honey and Paul have been living and working in the central Denver community for 25 years, except when they were in the foreign service in Bangladesh. Paul has been in several productions at Germinal Stage Denver and other community theater groups. He was the executive director of the Uptown Partnership and a “Community Builder” with HUD. He has an MS in engineering from DU. He has also been a general contractor and carpenter and has built a few “Pro Rally” race cars. Honey has volunteered for many non-profit organizations and is a founding board member of Family Star and Montessori Early Childhood Education in Northeast and Northwest Denver. She has worked with veterinarians for 15 years, most recently as VP Acquisitions for National Veterinary Associates. She has an MBA from DU and is a CPA. Daughters Jessica and Katherine grew up in Mitchell Montessori Elementary School. Jessica is now a sophomore at Smith College. Katherine is a junior at East High School and plays the oboe with Colorado Honor Band. They are avid skiers/boarders, campers and lovers of Southern Utah.

Will and Stephani
Will lived in informal cohousing throughout his childhood as his mother continually rented rooms in their home to a variety of fascinating individuals. He has been fortunate to have had the opportunity for extensive travels and adventures, something he still enjoys as often as possible. At 27 years old, Will practices massage and other wellness therapies through his business, Holistic Bodyworks. He enjoys yoga, biking, sailing, gardening and being in nature. He appreciates the type of community that cohousing aspires to as well as the ecological and economic benefits. Stephani is a native to Denver. She has been a practicing massage and movement therapist for six years. She is also a classically trained singer and is greatly interested in all the arts. Stephani has a passion for cooking, especially using wonderful organic foods. She loves travel, yoga, biking with Will on their tandem bicycle, reading and enjoying family and friends. To Stephani, cohousing seems like a great opportunity to learn, grow, stretch, pool resources and possibly raise a child or two.

Howard grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. After completing his BS in business administration at the University of Nebraska, he moved to Colorado in 1977. He loves the outdoors and hiking with his two dogs, Yukon and Lady. He has had a 25-year career with the federal government with his favorites of working at Rocky Mountain National Park and currently being a contracting officer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Howard also has been a bartender, volunteer firefighter, and B&B owner, and he feels he can contribute a lot to community and cohousing.

Gretchen, Jake and Zoe
Gretchen was born in Erie, PA. She taught lacemaking techniques and sold lacemaking supplies for a number of years and still organizes classes for groups of lacemakers at several European venues. Since the fall of 1999, she has been running the computer lab at Brown Elementary School in north Denver. Jake was born in St. Louis, MO. He was a radio announcer in the Denver area for about 20 years (mostly KOSI and KVOD), and now records books and magazine articles for the Talking Books for the Blind program. Zoe was born in Changsha, Hunan, China (Mao’s hometown), in August 1992. She moved to Denver in August 1995 and is now a second grader at Steele Elementary School in Denver.

Lynn is originally from California and moved to Colorado in 1969. She completed her undergraduate degree and obtained her graduate degree in Counseling in Colorado Springs. She then moved to Denver because at the time, she felt she’d pretty much exhausted the mental health job market in the Springs. After working in a variety of settings with a wide range of different types of clients, she is now in private practice as a psychotherapist and has been in the mental health field for over 25 years. She is an animal lover, animal rights advocate and sometimes, activist. She also loves the mountains, the ocean, Nature and the outdoors in general. Prior to moving to Colorado, she traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and has been in approximately 35 countries. She has been interested in cohousing since learning about it in the mid-1990s.

John, Kellie and David
John Connell and Kellie Teter were both born in Denver. This makes their son, David a rare 100% Denverite. Kellie is a Health Educator with Women’s Health Section of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. She has a bachelors degree in Sociology and also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from CU Denver, neither of which she uses in her job. John manages contracts related to mobile sources of air pollution for the USEPA and has bachelors degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, which he does not use in his job either. David has successfully managed to avoid obtaining any degrees during his first three years of life.

Kellie and John met after John returned from serving in the Peace Corps in Tunisia in 1990. They are involved in a number of volunteer activities, including Denver Kids (a one-on-one mentoring program through Denver Public Schools), facilitating a sexuality education class for junior high kids at their church, and the local toy library. Other interests include: sustainable development, cooking, movies, politics, education, participating in the training in individual and organizational effectiveness and communication offered by Landmark Education Inc., hiking, skiing, running and just about anything concerning kids. Kellie and John are both thrilled to be part of Hearthstone and David has been telling absolutely everyone, “WE are moving to cohousing!!”

Susan is a social worker and is employed as a program administrator for State Child Welfare, a division of the Colorado Department of Human Services. From Springfield, Illinois, Susan came to Denver two decades ago. Hobbies include letting her dog in and out her back door, eating-out and watching movies. She likes the water and loves to camp, sail and canoe on Colorado’s lakes and rivers. She roller blades, bicycles and hikes in the summertime and is a cross-country skier in the winter. She considers herself a backpacker, but just hasn’t done it lately. She studies eastern spirituality and meditates and is a “sometimes” student of yoga. It was on her recent trip to India that Susan realized that she wanted to live a more “linked-in” existence, so she looked up the Hearthstone cohousing group upon her return home and shortly after, became a member.